Support Iranian Success across Toronto & Canada

The following is a growing list of initiatives that support the success of Iranians across Toronto and Canada through promoting involvement in media and the legal system. As we have seen, other communities have used their influence in these domains to gain power - and now it's our turn!

Feel free to submit/suggest to us links to other initiatives that aim to empower Iranians in Toronton and Canada so that they have a fair chance of competing with other communities when it comes to obtaining education and employment, and to fulfill their dreams.

Entrance Scholarship - Political Sciences

Objective  To promote involvement of Iranians in the Canadian political scene
Summary  The goal of the campaign is to raise $1,000 by July 31 of 2015. The scholarship will then be advertised to Grade 12 students through and other Iranian media (e.g. weekly print publications). A panel of judges organized through partnership with the Parya foundation or another credible Iranian foundation will then receive applications and pick the winning candidate who applicant. The award will be released to the student on April 30, 2016.
Financial Goal  $1,000 = one entrance scholarship
Timeframe  Funds are to be raised by July 31 of 2015. The scholarship will then be formally announced and advertised through Iranian media, and will be made available to the top students who provide proof of admission into a political science program in Canada. Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2016 (when university admissions have been received). The winner will be picked by April 30, 2016 and the funds will be released on April 30, 2016 to the student.
Organizer  Amirehsan Sajad
    Credibility  Back in 2003, Amirehsan built and promoted 70+ online forums to help promote the Iranian community in Toronto. To date, Amirehsan has devoted hundreds of hours helping Iranians through different organizations (e.g. Parya) and continues to operate as well. Once the funds are raised, Amirehsan will obtain help from the Parya foundation to form a panel of 3 judges who would decide who the scholarships will be awarded to.
Other Details  For other details such as Eligibility Criteria, Selection Criteria, Granting Process, etc. visit campaign link below
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